Record Setting Weekend


Lauren Harris, Sachem East (NY), demolished the existing 1500m National Record of 6:28.20 set by Lisa Kutzing in 1998. Her time of 6:17.59 was enough to completely lap the field of her competitors.

Not to be out done, Cameron Haught, Greenon (OH), is the first to ever break 12:30 at 3000m. His time of 12:29.98 beats the standard of Olympian Kevin Eastler – 12:34.6 from 1994. Haught owns 3 of 4 class records along with his national standard.

Taylor Ewert, Beavercreek (OH), took down the Frosh 3000m Record with her time of 14:37.57, previously set by Kayla Allen in 15:07.50 in 2014.